The Partnership for Transparency (PTF) family has over 15 years of experience supporting citizen-led good governance programming around the world. We seek to document lessons learned and share the knowledge to advance the global fight against corruption in every action we take.
A select number of resources particularly relevant to the African context are included below. Visit to see the full suite of books, reports, case studies and working papers.
PTF Case Studies showcase how civil society organizations (CSOs) have taken action to counter corruption and failures in public service delivery. Each shares interesting experiences in the field of social accountability work to demonstrate interventions that have produced definite impacts for citizens and their communities. Read more…
Reducing Corruption in Local Revenue Collection in Ghana

Community Monitoring and Participatory Budgeting in 10 Schools in Ghana

Improving Governance Through Participatory Budgeting and Community Monitoring in Cameroon

Improving Transparency and Accountability in Public Procurement in Cross River State, Nigeria

Strengthening Civil Society and Public Authorities to Promote Transparency and Accountability in Uganda
Civil Society & Development: Global Trends, Implications and Recommendations for Stakeholders in the 2030 Agenda

A team of PTF experts have analyzed several global trends concerning civil society’s role in development and their implications for various stakeholders in this report to build a better understanding of modalities for CSO engagement in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Engaging Citizens in Health Service Delivery

Engaging Citizens in Health Service Delivery summarizes the current findings on citizen engagement instruments and examines whether these interventions have contributed to enhanced health practices and ultimately on improved health outcomes.