Evidence confirms that engaging civil society in development projects can help produce improved, and better sustained, development results. Multi-lateral development banks (MBDs), foundations, non-profits and other development partners are increasing commitments to more CSO involvement in the design, implementation and monitoring of operations and outputs.
The PTF-network is assisting MDBs with the development of strategies to improve CSO engagement. We have produced reports and made recommendations to the World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB) on making civil society engagement more effective in their project, strategic and analytical work.

In 2016, the African Development Bank (AfDB) asked PTF to assess the status of implementation of the 2012 Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society. We presented the conclusions to the AfDB-CSO Committee at the time of the AfDB 2016 Annual Meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. The analysis led to a subsequent request to the PTF to help update and develop an action plan to operationalize the CSO Framework taking into account recent global developments in civil society engagement such as the Sustainable Development Goals as well as further specification of AfDB’s ten-year strategy. This second phase of PTF’s work with AfDB is completed, and the Action Plan is under review internally.

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