Development works best when people solve their own problems. We strive to ensure citizens have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools to make that a reality.
The initiatives we support aim to improve the quality of governance, increase the effectiveness of public services and amplify citizen voice in public affairs. We evaluate our partner organization’s capacity to implement activities, provide pro-bono assistance, and document lessons learned. We also ensure our partners are performing their work in a transparent and accountable manner.
    • Citizen Action Platform (Uganda)

      The Citizen Action Platform (CAP) program is a flexible interface that collects individual feedback on public service delivery as it is submitted to UNICEF's U-Report program, and confidentially re-distributes relevant information to community-based organizations, who monitor the quality of public services and seek accountability for action at the local level.
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    • Legal Protections Against Gender Based Violence in South Africa

      More than 50% of women in South Africa experience domestic violence at least once in their lifetime and three-quarters of men admit to perpetrating some form of violence against women. This program aims to improve access to the justice system and other quality public servicesfor survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
      R65,000.00 donated of R800,000.00 goal
    • Business and Municipal Good Governance Fellowship (Cameroon)

      To make local economies stronger, resilient and responsive to resource generation, capital management and employment creation, the Municipal Councils Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowships [BMF] is proving useful to support local government councils in their effort to translate national development policies into value creation and growth prospects for ordinary citizens locally.
      R26,560.00 donated of R300,000.00 goal